Act As One

Towards the end of 2020, both the Bradford and the Airedale, Wharfedale and Craven, Health and Care Partnership Boards set out to bring together a number of different areas of work into one programme, which they called ‘Act As One’. The aim of this was to encourage partnership working and a joined up approach to health and care.

The idea is that by maximising the partnership working, we can better achieve the vision of ‘Happy, Health and at Home’. They brought together 7 priority areas of work which are:

  • Access to healthcare
  • Diabetes
  • Children and Young People’s mental health
  • Respiratory issues (breathing problems)
  • Better births
  • Cardiovascular issues (heart and blood vessels)
  • Ageing well

They aim to reduce duplication, bring together support functions, and continue the ‘Integrated Care’ focus across health and care. The VCS Alliance are trying to coordinate the work of the voluntary sector across the ‘Act as One’ programme and are securing delivery opportunities in the 7 priority areas for local groups. (Written by Ben Cross, Programme Manager of Bradford VCS Alliance)

From the back of an Assembly Steering Group meeting an information session took place on the 24th of February via Zoom where James Drury, Bradford Council lead on Happy, Healthy At Home presented information on the Act As One system.  The session was open to VCS organisations to attend.  The presentation given can be found below.  Please contact for more information.