Diversity Insight

CNet has been awarded funding through the Give Bradford, Strategic Infrastructure Grants to explore the diversity within the sector.

CNet will conduct a thorough mapping exercise of Bradford Districts Voluntary organisations, in terms of the demographics of staffing, including volunteers and board members, compared with the area they are located and the communities they support.

In addition organisations will be asked what support they need going forward to address any inequalities, and provided with a tool to self assess their demographics.

CNet is working in partnership with Equalities Together, who have also been funded by Give Bradford.

Please contact for further information.

The Diversity Insight Project aims to understand VCS organisations in terms of how their staff, board and volunteers are reflective of the communities they serve. To this end, we are asking you to complete a survey, via Survey Monkey:

The form is best filled in by someone who knows the organisation well (this could be the CEO, a paid employee or a trustee/volunteer who is familiar with the membership and the communities they serve).

What will happen once complete?

  • All information will be collated and a summary of the findings will be shared with all participants
  • Key development and training needs are mapped and (where available) will be signposted to all participants
  • Gaps between identified development/training needs and what is currently available can be highlighted. The hope is that this will lead to the development of further support as the evidence will point to what is needed.
  • Good practice can be shared so we can all better understand what has worked elsewhere

For any support relating to the project and questions around the survey please contact Darryl Smith in the first instance. Email: For any technical issues accessing the survey please contact

Diversity Insight Survey

More information (pdf - 534Kb)