The JU:MP Awards programme is open for applications!

If you have a great idea for a project that will get children and young people more physically active and you need funding to support this then you can apply for up to £5000 to kick start your programme.

What is Join Us: Move. Play?

Join Us: Move. Play is a message from our children in North Bradford. It is the name of a social movement. These children have told us they want to be given opportunities to get involved in activities, they want their families to be active with them, they like to move and they like to play.

JU:MP is here to make it as easy as possible for these children, families and communities to be as active as they want to be by working with organisations, groups, families and policy makers to make it happen.

What is the JU:MP Award programme?

Children have told us they want to get out and have fun, but can struggle to know how or where. So we're asking you to invest your time, expertise and passion to put on activities for these children, and in return we may be able to support you financially to do this. (Subject to meeting criteria.)

We have small grants of between £500 and £5,000 available for constituted organisations to apply for.

Round 1

Open on 2nd August and will close on the 13th September 2019

Round 2

Open on 25th October and will close on the 6th December 2019.

Round 3

Open on 31st January and will close on the 13th March 2020.