The Healthy Lifestyle Project is funded by Bradford City Clinical Commissioning Group and has a focus on the Living Well and Tackling Childhood Obesity Programme. Bradford & District Community Empowerment Network Ltd (CNet) has been commissioned to deliver the project, including an initial piece of research and interventions in the community.

For further information please contact or on 01274 305045.

Phase one of the Healthy Lifestyle Project involved collating information to help identify the barriers and influences facing families and individuals when making healthy lifestyle choices.

A team of 15 community facilitators from both statutory and voluntary organisations delivered one to one questionnaires and focus groups in the BD1, BD2, BD3, BD5, BD7, BD8 and BD9 areas.

Groups involved included young people aged between 14 - 20 years old, young families, South Asian communities, African & Caribbean communities, asylum and refugee communities, people on a low income and living on housing estates and people with special needs and abilities.

Questionnaires were also completed in GP surgeries and local gyms.  Using a conversation model we identified themes and threads which will help shape interventions in phase 2 of the project.

See below for the full research report.

Healthy Lifestyle Research Report - February 2019 (pdf - 2040Kb)