CNet Partners
and Funders


CNet are proud members of Bradford District Infrastructure Partnership (BDIP), this is a network of independent charities, working together to coordinate support to Voluntary and Community groups in the Bradford District. 

This network consists of CNet, Volunteering Bradford, and Community Action Bradford & District.

Community Action

Community Action Bradford & District exist to make a positive change to local communities through their support of Voluntary and Community Organisations. 

They do this by offering operational support to organisations, from setting up; using bfunded to apply for funding; using DIVA to recruit and advertise services; developing the staff through Training; Marketing and Communications support with spreading the word; a Community Transport scheme as well as various older people’s projects in the Bingley area. They operate from Bradford, Ilkley, Keighley and Bingley.

Contact them below –

Office Locator

Telephone: 01535 612500

Volunteer Centre

The Volunteer Centres in Bradford and Keighley work to promote volunteering and to support local voluntary and community organisations in the district.

They recruit volunteers, and match then with Voluntary and Community Organisations requiring volunteers to support the crucial work they do in the District. If you can spare an hour a month, or more, then get in touch and see if you can volunteer your time or skills to help one of these organisations. 

Contact them below - 

1st Floor, 19 – 25 Sunbridge Road, Bradford BD1 2AY

Telephone 01274 725434 or 01274 720779

Other partners and funders are also shown below.  Click to go to their websites.

People Can

People Can is an open invitation to everyone in our communities, neighbourhoods, villages and towns that make up the district to Work Together and discover how we can make a difference to our lives and the places we live……

People Can is a:

  • community of people finding new ways to Work Together;
  • shared approach to solving problems and meeting needs;
  • shared set of tools and resources to get things done

People Can make a difference when we Work Together.  Our approach is made up of four connected ideas:

  • a belief that we can make a positive difference to our individual lives, our community, our neighbourhood etc;
  • a willingness to develop shared understanding;
  • Creating spaces where everyone is equally part of the solution;
  • by sharing our skills, stuff and space we can make the difference.

Find more information about People Can on