Vision and Mission

About CNet Bradford

Our organisation began in 2001 as Bradford's local Community Empowerment Network, supporting voluntary and community sector representation on Bradford Vision, the local strategic partnership. 

CNet is one of the few remaining community empowerment networks in England, continuing to give a voice to local people and groups while seeking to influence local decision-making and processes.

CNet Vision

We know that empowered communities are stronger communities.

Local people contributing to excellent services, supported by a thriving, independent and voluntary sector, will be beneficial to everyone.

Together, we can work for an even better Bradford.

CNet Mission

  • To enable people living in Bradford to influence how services work and run in the district.
  • To ensure the views of voluntary and community groups and active citizens are heard by key decision-makers.
  • To act as a bridge between communities and service providers through local networks.
  • To work closely with local authorities, health service providers and other public services.
  • To develop networks, support forums, provide training, capacity building and community development work.