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It provides members with a voice within the strategic decision-making partnerships, furthering our aim of developing solutions and shared outcomes to create a safer community for the citizens of Bradford.

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As part of International Migrants Day Bradford District Assembly Safer Communities and Equalities Forums hosted Journeys to Bradford, an event showcasing the range of places Bradford residents come from. The event was attended by 25 people. Attendees heard from speakers from London, Pakistan, Jamaica and Birmingham, and then had the chance to share their own story with other participants.

The event was arranged to take place on this day to tie in with International Migrants Day and it involved the attendees learning about the story of Bradford and its association with migrants throughout its history from the time it was a small village consisting of only 3 streets and centred around the Broad Ford near to where Bradford Cathedral is now sited, when folk from outlying villages and settlements came to live, right up to the recent influx of Eastern and Central Europeans. This was illustrated by a slide show.

The next part of the event involved a series of residents from the Bradford District sharing their stories of how and why they and/or their families came to settle in Bradford.

This included a person who was born within the sounds of Bow Bells (making him a London Cockney) and whose parents came to England in the early 20th Century to escape percussion in Europe (they were Jewish) and as a result they Anglicised their name. This person moved around the country before finally settling in Yorkshire in the 1970’s and Bradford in the 1990’s.

Then there was the story of person who settled in Bradford in the 1960’s who’d come from the Caribbean and she told us of her early experiences in Bradford as a child.  This was then followed by the story of someone who came from Pakistan and settled in Bradford in the 1970’s and he told of his experiences of settling in Bradford as a child and his early experiences in finding work and becoming a bus driver.

The last person told of his experiences and first thoughts of Bradford when he came to live here in the 1980’s after being brought up in Birmingham and then living in Sheffield.  All four presenters gave very vivid and detailed accounts of their encounters of coming to live in Bradford and captivated those present.

At the end of the presentations there was an opportunity for the attendees to tell their stories by talking to others and recording it on paper.    


This event was the fourth in a series funded jointly by West Yorkshire Police and Crime Commissioner and Bradford Council. Presentations were given on Neighbourhood Watch schemes, Bradford Hate Crime Alliance, Bradford Council’s People Can campaign to get people volunteering and West Yorkshire Police’s Independent Advisory Group.

The event was attended by around 40 people who took part in workshops looking at work that is being done in the voluntary sector around community safety, where there are gaps and what can be done to address this.

People Can presentation (pdf - 1237Kb)

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