Engaging People

Engaging People is a project funded by the NHS to support more people and communities to get involved and have a say in the future development of healthcare services across the Bradford and Craven District.

Our aims:

  • To include and involve larger numbers of people in the development of future healthcare services, particularly those who are underrepresented
  • To gather better information from people about what they think of current healthcare services, listen to their personal experiences and find out what’s important to them
  • To use this information in longer-term plans and decisions about the future of healthcare services across the Bradford District

By involving people in decisions about their healthcare we hope to improve the overall health and wellbeing of our communities.

We use a variety of methods to engage with communities e.g. one to one questionnaires, focus groups, events, training and peer mentoring, to support groups and individuals in sharing their voices and helping shape future health provision. 

For further information, please contact the Engaging People Project Lead, Laila Ahmed,, the Engaging People Support Officer, Yazmin Shah at or call 01274 305045.


Engaging People is a group of voluntary and community organisations made up of CNet, Bradford Talking Media, Hale and Bradford & District Healthwatch who work with and listen to local communities. The teams support the local NHS with engagement, some examples of which include:

Carers Survey

Smoking In Pregnancy

Over the Counter (OTC) Medicines

Domestic Violence and Sexual Violence

Engagement on preparing for end of life care

Covid 19 Insight and Engagement

CNet Bradford works closely with the NHS in Bradford to ensure that the voices of local groups and people are heard. You can also share your thoughts with the local NHS on the website. We encourage you to sign up to the website to share your ideas when it comes to health and care, ask questions and discuss health topics that matter to you.

Women's Health Network (WHN)

The Women's Health Network provides a space for exploration, networking and discussion to improve the health and wellbeing of women and their communities.

We hold regular meetings with a varied range of health partners, voluntary community sector organisations and individuals, organise events including IWD, consultations and workshops, with a focus on addressing barriers to women accessing services and also reaching seldom heard groups.

Our membership is wide, varied, passionate and continually growing! If you would like to find out more please contact



WHN Meetings

Upcoming events / meetings:

WHN main meeting
Monday 7 June 2021
10.30 am - 12.00 pm
Online, via Zoom
Contact for Zoom details


Covid Vaccine Video Clip

Dr. Virginia Beckett, Consultant Gynaecologist and Lead for Reproductive Medicine Bradford Teaching Hospitals speaks to Masira Hans Chair of Women's Health Network about the Covid Vaccine.

I am young fit and healthy, do I need the vaccine ?

Should I get the vaccine if I am undergoing IVF treatment?

Should I get the vaccine fi I am trying to get pregnant or breastfeeding?

Will the vaccine affect my fertility or my partners fertility, when we want to start a family?


WHN Flier (pdf - 4295Kb)

WHN Mins July 2020 (pdf - 511Kb)

WHN Mins Sept 2020 (pdf - 384Kb)

WHN Mins Nov 2020 (pdf - 837Kb)

Cancer Screening presentation Nov 2020 (pdf - 1475Kb)

Credit Union presentation Nov 2020 (pdf - 2309Kb)

WHN Mins Feb 2021 (pdf - 588Kb)

Bradford District and Craven Maternity Voices Partnership

For more information on the Bradford District and Craven Maternity Voices Partnership click here

During the Coronavirus pandemic, as we all adapt to our new ways of working, our meetings will be virtual for the time being.

Upcoming events / meetings:

MVP Public Platform - for all things maternity (open to VCS and individuals)
Thursday 30 September 2021
10.30 am - 12.00 pm
Online, via Zoom

Contact for further information

MVP main meeting
Thursday 4 November 2021
10.30 am - 12.00 pm
Online, via Zoom

Contact for Zoom details

Maternity film clips: Information clips in several languages for parents using maternity care services during the Covid Pandemic

Working with the maternity team at Bradford Royal Infirmary we have  a series of clips filmed by local new mums /dads and partners. These will be available in different languages, Urdu, Punjabi, Bangla, Gujerati, Polish, Eritrean, Arabic etc. and provide information on importance attending ante natal appointments during the pandemic, support dads and partners can offer to mum to be. To follow shortly will be a series of films a round pregnancy and vitamin D.  These will be posted on our twitter handle @BradCravMVP and Facebook page


6 Month Review – Outstanding Maternity Services Transformation Video


PLEASE NOTE: This webpage is in the process of being revamped along with the whole of the CNet website.

MVP postcard (pdf - 161Kb)

Perinatal Referral Form Jan 2019 (pdf - 82Kb)

MVP Minutes Main Meeting June 2019 (pdf - 415Kb)

Breast Feeding Clinics Nov 2019 (pdf - 55Kb)

MVP Birth Story Cafe Event Summary (pdf - 13Kb)

MVP Voluntary Sector Meeting Feb 2020 (pdf - 368Kb)

MVP Main Meeting Nov 2019 (pdf - 395Kb)

MVP Voluntary Sector Meeting Feb 2019 (pdf - 512Kb)

MVP Voluntary Sector Meeting Sept 2020 (pdf - 381Kb)

MVP Main Meeting Oct 2020 (pdf - 518Kb)

MVP Main Meeting Dec 2020 (pdf - 564Kb)

MVP Public Platform Mins Feb 2021 (pdf - 581Kb)

MVP Main Meeting March 2021 (pdf - 601Kb)

Ockenden MVP slides March 2021 (pdf - 471Kb)

Ockenden Reports Findings and Actions March 2021 (pdf - 890Kb)

BRI Breastfeeding Survey Feedback 2020 (pdf - 315Kb)

MVP Public Platform May 2021 (Airedale) (pdf - 627Kb)

MVP Public Platform June 2021 (Bradford) (pdf - 628Kb)

MVP Main Meeting July 2021 (pdf - 529Kb)

Building Capacity and Skills Development

Throughout late Summer, Autumn and Winter we delivered a series of development and engagement sessions around health, for the VCS and individuals.

Transform your health with Poetry, Prose and Passion:

Wednesday 26 September 10am - 12noon

Communicating Confidently

  • Speaking Up and Telling Your Story - Thursday 20 September 2018, 10am - 12pm @ CNet
  • Facilitation Skills - Wednesday 7 November 2018, 10am @ CNet
  • Whose Narrative - January 2019 (TBC)

Finding Your Voice

Six week programme delivered with Bradford Community Broadcasting.  Further information to follow.

Skills Audit Form

See below.

Engaging People Skills Audit Form (pdf - 79Kb)